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Setting up the Remote Display for the TI OMAP5912 Aruba Board (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The TI OMAP5912 Aruba Board does not support VGA or LCD displays. Use the following procedure to setup a remote display on a development workstation or host PC.

  1. Verify the required variables are set correctly for remote display.

    1. The SYSGEN_ETHERNET variable must be set.
    2. The BSP_NOSHAREETH variable must not be set.
  2. Enable VMINI in the Network Settings boot loader menu.

  3. Start Cerhost.exe, the Microsoft Remote Display Control for Windows Embedded CE application located in %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Common\Oak\Bin\i386.

  4. From the application File menu, choose Connect.

  5. In the Active Target Device list box, choose a target device or directly enter an IP address, then press the Ok button.

    After the connection is established, Remote Display Control for Windows Embedded CE will display the TI OMAP5912 Aruba Board display output and receive user input from the host PC keyboard and mouse.

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