Step 8A: Configure Party Information for the ADT System

In this step, you configure the party information for the ADT System.

  1. In the BizTalk Server Administration Console, right-click Parties, point to New, and then click Party.

  2. In the Party Properties dialog box, in the Name box, type Tutorial_ADTSystem. (The value you type in this box is from the original HL7 message instance, ADT^A03.txt MSH3.)

  3. In the console tree, click Send Ports.

  4. In the Send Ports pane, click the blank field in the Name column, select Tutorial_sendAck_ADT, and then click OK.

  5. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft BizTalk 2009 Accelerator for HL7, and then click BTAHL7 Configuration Explorer.

  6. In the BTAHL7 Configuration Explorer, select the Acknowledgment tab. For Acknowledgment type, select EnhancedMode.

  7. Click Save, and then close the BTAHL7 Configuration Explorer.

Proceed to Step 8B: Configure Party Information for the RX System.