Components to Monitor

The components to monitor to make sure the RFID system is in good health are as follows:

  • Computer resources:

    • CPU usage

    • Memory usage

  • RFID device connection states

  • Device provider state

  • RFID Process Errors

  • SQL Server database size

  • BizTalk Server RFID runtime

    Make sure the runtime service is started and running in good health. Monitor event logs to see if there are any logged messages for service being stopped.

  • Rules engine runtime

Our recommendation is to leverage System Center Operation Manager 2007 (SCOM) or Microsoft Operation Manager 2005 (MOM) in customer deployments to monitor the health and integrity of the BizTalk Server RFID platform. These products offer more in-depth functionalities and components to monitor the entire system (BizTalk Server, SQL Server, Windows, network, etc.) and automatically react in case of errors, malfunctions, or thresholds that are reached.