Client Binary Setup

This section provides information regarding the installation of the Microsoft® Host Integration Server 2000 and Microsoft SNA Server 4.0 client binaries. This information will enable you to consolidate Host Integration Server or SNA Server client binaries into your product's own setup, simplifying operation for the end user.

The Host Integration Server 2000 client binaries are installed by using the Microsoft System Installer (MSI) and MSI package files. A Microsoft Windows® installer package (.msi) file is a storage file containing the instructions and data required to install an application. The MSI packages included with Host Integration Server 2000 can be used as part of the installation procedure for your products. Windows 2000 includes the MSI runtime required to install the MSI packages supplied with Host Integration Server 2000. On Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0, Windows 98, and Windows 95, the MSI runtime must be installed prior to using the Host Integration Server 2000 MSI packages.

Host Integration Server 2000 with Service Pack 1 adds support for the following additional operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

Windows XP includes the MSI runtime required to install the MSI packages with Host Integration Server 2000.

If you wish to modify or create a custom MSI package integrating your product and the Host Integration Server client binaries, then you will need to create new MSI packages. The MSI packages supplied with Host Integration Server 2000 were constructed using the WISE system installer and can only be modified by using this product. Because of differences in tools, it is not possible to easily modify an MSI package created using the WISE system installer using other products such as InstallShield 2000.

Documentation on creating an MSI package or using Microsoft System Installer tools is not provided with Host Integration Server 2000. The Microsoft System Installer is documented as part of the Microsoft Software Development Network (MSDN®) Platform Software Development Kit (SDK).

The earlier SNA Server 4.0 and SNA Server 3.0 client binaries were installed using the Microsoft Setup Toolkit (ACME Setup Toolkit). The ACME Setup Toolkit is completely different from setup procedures using the Microsoft System Installer and documentation on its use is not provided with Host Integration Server 2000 and SNA Server. Note that in releases of SNA Server earlier than version 3.0, the client binaries were installed on Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 95 using the Windows NT Setup engine and on Windows 3.x using the Windows setup tools.

This document assumes that your own product will be installed using a third-party installation tool, although it is also possible to use the Microsoft System Installer tools, the Windows NT Setup engine, or the Windows 3.x setup tools. Installation information is provided for the following environments:

  • Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 98, and Windows 95 (Win32®)
  • Windows 3.x (16-bit Windows)

This information should allow you to integrate the installation of the Host Integration Server 2000 or SNA Server client binaries with your own product.

This section contains: