MSBTS_Host.AuthTrusted Property (WMI)

Indicates whether a tracking service can be trusted to collect authentication information.

Property Declaration

The syntax shown is language neutral.

boolean AuthTrusted;


This property is read-write.

Each host can be marked as authentication trusted. These hosts are permitted to indicate that a sender of a message, which the trusted host is queuing, is an entity other than the host itself. In other words, the service accounts of an authentication trusted host are trusted to place a sender's security ID (SSID) on a message that maps to a user other than to the host specifically. For more information, see Authenticating the Sender of a Message.

Note  You can mark any host instance as authentication trusted. However, authentication trusted host instances cannot use the same service account(s) as non-authentication trusted host instances.


Header: Declared in BTSWMISchema2K.mof or BTSWMISchemaXP.mof.

Namespace: Included in \root\MicrosoftBizTalkServer.

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