User Accounts for Database Backups

The user account that you use to back up your databases must have access to each of the databases you are backing up.

Microsoft® BizTalk® Server includes an SQL role named BTS_BACKUP_USERS so that the user account you use to back up your databases does not require SQL System Administrators permission, except for the primary server driving the backup process.

When setting up the user account that you are going to use to back up your databases, note the following:

  • You must configure the SQL Agent Service to run under a domain account or a local account with a mapped user on each SQL Server.
  • You must configure a SQL Server login account for this user, and assign this user to the BizTalk BTS_BACKUP_USERS SQL role on each server.
  • You must assign this user to the SQL Server System Administrators role for the BizTalk Configuration database server.

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