ANSI/OEM Code Page Support Using SNANLS

The following table shows the ANSI/OEM code pages and character code set identifiers (CCSIDs) supported by SNANLS in Host Integration Server 2000, SNA Server 4.0, and SNA Server 3.0.

SNANLS Display NameNLS Code PageHost CCSIDTypeNLS FilenameComments
ANSI/OEM - Japanese Shift-JIS932932SBCSc_932.nlsJapanese JIS-8 Bit + Shift-JIS
ANSI/OEM - Korean949949DBCSc_949.nlsKorean Hangul (Extended Wansung)
ANSI/OEM - Simplified Chinese GBK936936DBCSc_936.nlsSimplified Chinese GBK
ANSI/OEM - Thai874874SBCSc_874.nlsThai
ANSI/OEM - Traditional Chinese Big5950950DBCSc_950.nlsTraditional Chinese Big5
ANSI/OEM - Viet Nam12581258SBCSc_1258.nlsViet Nam

Note that none of these code pages support the Euro.