E-Procurement Sample

This sample highlights the following new features of Microsoft® BizTalk™ Server 2002:

In this scenario we look at a business situation where your company is purchasing products from several different suppliers. We focus on setting up a business solution, using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002, the Internet, and correlation, that automates the procurement process that takes place between your company and its suppliers. We call this solution e-procurement.

In this scenario you set up a hub for your company. The hub handles all the purchase order, invoice, and payment documents that are sent back and forth to and from the suppliers. The EprocSetup application that is included with this sample configures the hub and one supplier system to use BizTalk Server, the Internet, and correlation to handle these documents and complete the procurement process. After the configuration is complete you run the DocumentGenerator.vbs script to start a transaction in which a purchase order is sent to the supplier, an invoice is returned from the supplier, and the hub sends a payment. Finally the supplier sends a payment acknowledgement and the e-procurement process is complete. The following illustration shows the business transaction used in this sample.

Data flow in a business transaction

After the e-procurement sample is running successfully we focus on how to deploy this configuration to other servers by using Microsoft Application Center 2000, so that this configuration is taken from a test environment to a production environment. We also explain how to package the supplier's configuration by using the BizTalk SEED Wizard so that it can be easily picked up from your Web site and implemented by other suppliers. Finally we cover how you can set up Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) to monitor the activities taking place in the hub.

The following topics cover the setup and configurations that are necessary to work through this scenario:

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