Workflow for Using Human Workflow Services

Human Workflow Services (HWS) defines workflow as a set of actions that take place between people or processes in a specific context. Actions are individual Microsoft® BizTalk® Server orchestrations that represent the smallest unit of work that you can perform. You can chain several actions together to form a dynamic activity flow.

HWS provides a development framework for creating client applications that support a dynamic activity follow.

Following is an overview of the steps you perform to develop and implement a solution that includes Human Workflow Services.

Business Analyst

The business analyst gathers requirements for the workflow. Consider what your action will do and what dependencies it might have. Some sample questions to ask are:

  • What kind of data will the action need to perform its logic?
  • Will the action send out any task messages?
  • Do you want to compose other actions?


These steps assume that the developer has already created an application, or is integrating with an existing one.

  1. Create a new HWS project in Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET for the action.
  2. Modify the activation message to supply your action with data it needs to operate. The Hws_Activate.xsd file contains the schema for the activation message.
  3. Create the action.
  4. Modify the task message.
    1. Add business logic to your action.
    2. Create and bind the action's ports.

System Administrator

  1. Deploy the action in the same way as you would deploy any orchestration. For more information about deploying orchestrations, see Deploying Assemblies.

 Security  When you deploy an action, resources such as documents (or document references) that pass through the HWS activity flows must have the appropriate access permissions set for actors to be able to read and write to them.

  1. Use the BizTalk Management console to enlist and start the action in your BizTalk host application.
  2. Use the HWS Administration console to register the actions with the HWS system for constraint creation.
  3. Review the HWS database. Schedule the Backup BizTalk Job and verify it works.

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