BizTalk Mapper Shortcut Keys

BizTalk Mapper Shortcut Keys

You can use shortcut keys to accomplish tasks in BizTalk Mapper. The following table is a quick reference to these shortcut keys.

Ee251537.note(en-US,BTS.10).gif Note

  • Functionality that is not included in this list can be obtained by using the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer with MouseKeys. For more information about MouseKeys in Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server Help, see "Using the keyboard to move the mouse pointer." For more information about MouseKeys in Windows 2000 Professional Help, see "Move the mouse pointer by using MouseKeys."
CTRL+NOpen a new specification.
CTRL+OOpen an existing map.
CTRL+SSave a map.
CTRL+F5Test a map.
F4Highlight the next warning.
F5Compile a map.
CTRL+AAdd a grid page.
On a grid page name, F2Rename a grid page.
CTRL+DDelete a grid page.
DELDelete an object in the mapping grid.
F6Move the focus clockwise from pane to pane.
SHIFT+F6Move the focus counterclockwise from pane to pane. Pressing SHIFT+F6 after opening the functoid palette moves the focus to the String tab, allowing you to use the left and right arrow keys to view the other tabs.
SHIFT+F10Open the context menu for highlighted items.
TABMove the focus clockwise in the lower pane from the tab to the panes or fields below. In a dialog box, pressing TAB moves the focus through the buttons and fields of the dialog box. In addition, this enables you to access the buttons in the upper right corner of the Select Source Specification Type dialog box.
SHIFT+TABMove the focus counterclockwise in the lower pane from the tab to the panes or fields below.
SPACEBARSelect or clear a check box. The spacebar also acts like a mouse click when the focus is on a button.
F1View online Help.
ALT+F4Exit from the program.
Arrow keysMove the focus in the Grid Preview window.
LEFT ARROWActivate the tab to the left.
RIGHT ARROWActivate the tab to the right.
Any arrow keyHighlight a folder or a file in the main pane of a dialog box, while the focus is on that pane. This functionality occurs in the Store to WebDAV dialog box and the Retrieve from WebDAV dialog box. For more information, see Retrieve maps from WebDAV.

Using MouseKeys with BizTalk Mapper

Some operations in BizTalk Mapper have no keyboard shortcuts. To perform the following operations, you must use MouseKeys:

  • Move

  • Select functoids

  • Drag functoids

  • Linking

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