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In the Help Viewer, the following tabs provide browse and search options:

Contents tab

You can use the Contents tab to navigate through Help and learn more about BizTalk Server 2002.

  1. To browse through the table of contents, click the Contents tab.

  2. Double-click the book icons to reveal topic entries and sub-books.

  3. Click a table-of-contents entry to display the corresponding topic.

Index tab

You can use the Index tab to search Help by subject and then display the corresponding topics.

  1. To see a list of index entries, click the Index tab and then either type a word or scroll through the list.

    Topics are often indexed under more than one entry.

  2. Double-click an index entry to display the corresponding topic.


    Double-click a top-level index entry, where there are nested entries, to display a list of all the topics that contain that word.

    The Topics Found dialog box appears.

    Click the topic you want to see and click Display.

Search tab

You can use the Search tab to locate every occurrence of a word or phrase in Help.

  1. To locate every occurrence of a word or phrase, click the Search tab, type the word or phrase for which you want to search, and then click List Topics.

    To improve the search results, you can use the search parameters listed in the following table.

    UseTo search forExample
    AND, OR, NEAR, or NOTMultiple words or phrases. This will find combinations of words, and also can be used to exclude words.Messaging AND Orchestration

    Ee250982.note(en-US,BTS.10).gif Note

    • You can click the right-arrow icon next to the Type in the word(s) to search for box and select an option from the drop-down list.
    Asterisk (*)Any word that starts with the letters before the asterisk. This will find words with different endings.Admin*


    Quotation marks ("")A phrase or a term that contains multiple words. This will eliminate matches for the individual words. For example, if you type "BizTalk Mapper" it will not find all the matches for "BizTalk" and all the matches for "Mapper," only the matches for both words together."BizTalk Mapper"

    "delimited flat file"

    You can also select the options at the bottom of the Search tab to refine your search:

    • Search previous results. Searches the current list in the results pane with the new search parameters you provide.

    • Match similar words. Searches for all variations on the word being searched for. For example, searches for "messaging" will also return matches to "messages." This option is selected by default.

    • Search titles only. Searches only the titles of the books, sub-books, and topics, not the entire text.
  2. Double-click a search results entry to display the corresponding topic.

Ee250982.note(en-US,BTS.10).gif Note

  • The words or phrases you search for will be highlighted in the text of the topic being displayed. You can turn off this feature by selecting Search Highlight Off on the Options menu.

Favorites tab

You can create a list of your favorite or most frequently visited Help topics by creating bookmarks for them on the Favorites tab.

  1. To bookmark a topic, use the Contents, Index, or Search tab to locate and then display a topic.

  2. Click the Favorites tab and click Add to save the topic title to the Topics list.

The Help Viewer adds the topic title to the Topics list. Later, you can return to this list and double-click the bookmark to quickly display the topic.

Ee250982.note(en-US,BTS.10).gif Note

  • To remove a bookmark from the Topics list, click the bookmark and click Remove.

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