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The Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002 Help system uses HTML to format and display information. The Help Viewer provides an integrated table of contents, an index, and a full-text search feature so that you can find information easily. Book icons open to reveal sub-books and topics. To expand the table of contents and view topics within a book, click the expand indicator (+) next to a book title. When you click the collapse indicator (-), the topics are hidden. The Help Viewer also enables you to see the table of contents, index, or search results at the same time you are viewing a Help topic.

The Help Viewer includes the Favorites tab, which you can use to bookmark topics. This enables you to quickly display topics that you refer to often.

To learn more about BizTalk Server 2002, you can use the table of contents to browse through the documentation. When you click a topic in the table of contents, information is displayed in the content pane of the Help window.

The table of contents is organized in books according to the major features and functions that BizTalk Server 2002 provides. Each book contains some or all of the following chapters:

  • About <feature/function/related concept>. These chapters contain descriptions and general information about BizTalk Server 2002, its features, and related concepts.

  • Why Perform <feature/function name> Tasks. These chapters contain quick references about why you perform specific tasks.

  • How to Perform <feature/function name> Tasks. These chapters contain procedural and task-based information.

  • Troubleshooting <feature/function name>. These chapters contain problem-solving instructions.

For programming information, see BizTalk Server 2002 Developer Solutions.

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