BizTalk Server Application Model

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002 provides tools and services that enable you to create executable applications for controlling your business processes and the exchange of data between trading partners and applications within your business. For a list of the features provided by BizTalk Server 2002, see BizTalk Server Features.

Integrating BizTalk Orchestration Services and BizTalk Messaging Services enables you to control the exchange of documents and messages between your trading partners and internal applications by using multiple transport services. It also provides:

  • Control over complex, long-running transactions and business processes.

  • Reliable delivery of documents and messages.

  • Data validation by verifying each document instance against a specification.

  • Data mapping by using maps to transform document structure and format.

  • Data security and integrity by using encryption and digital signature certificates.

  • Receipt generation and correlation support.

For more information about configuring BizTalk Server to send or receive receipts, see Understanding Receipts.

For more detailed information about how you can integrate BizTalk Orchestration Services and BizTalk Messaging Services, see Integrating BizTalk Services.

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