Running the Scatter-Gather Sample

The Scatter-Gather sample uses a the Windows Forms test client application provided with the Itinerary On-Ramp sample to demonstrate how this pattern applies the features of the Itinerary service.

To run the Scatter-Gather sample

  1. If the GlobalBank.ESB application is not already running, use the Microsoft BizTalk Administration Console to start it.
  2. In Windows Explorer, open the folder \Source\Samples\Itinerary\Source\ESB.Itinerary.Test where you installed the BizTalk ESB Toolkit samples, and then start the application named Esb.Itinerary.Test.exe.
  3. Click the LoadItinerary button, and then select the sample itinerary named ScatterGatherItinerary.xml from the \Source\Samples\ScatterGather\Itineraries folder.
  4. Clear the Is Request Response check box so the application will perform a one-way itinerary services operation.
  5. (Optional) Set the Use WCF Service check box if you want the application to use the OnRamp.Itinerary.Response.WCF receive location instead of the default OnRamp.Itinerary.Response.SOAP receive location.
  6. Click the LoadMessage button, and then select the NAOrderDoc.xml sample message from the \Source\Samples\Itinerary\Test\Data folder.
  7. Click the SubmitRequest button to send the request to the Itinerary On-Ramp service. Open the folder \Source\Samples\DynamicResolution\Test\FileDrop\Out to see the response message.

For information about how the Scatter Gather sample uses the ESB Itinerary service, see How the Scatter-Gather Sample Works.

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