This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Specifies the action to be taken when a program is abnormally terminated.


Do not use the abort function to shut down a Windows Store app, except in testing or debugging scenarios. Programmatic or UI ways to close a Windows Store app are not permitted according to Section 3.6 of the Windows 8 app certification requirements. For more information, see Application lifecycle (Windows Store apps).

unsigned int _set_abort_behavior(
   unsigned int flags,
   unsigned int mask

[in] flags

New value of the abort flags.

[in] mask

Mask for the abort flags bits to set.

The old value of the flags.

There are two abort flags: _WRITE_ABORT_MSG and _CALL_REPORTFAULT. _WRITE_ABORT_MSG determines whether a helpful text message is printed when a program is abnormally terminated. The message states that the application has called the abort function. The default behavior is to print the message. _CALL_REPORTFAULT, if set, specifies that a Watson crash dump is generated and reported when abort is called. By default, crash dump reporting is enabled in non-DEBUG builds.


Required header



For more compatibility information, see Compatibility.

// crt_set_abort_behavior.c
// compile with: /TC
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()
   printf("Suppressing the abort message. If successful, this message"
          " will be the only output.\n");
   // Suppress the abort message
   _set_abort_behavior( 0, _WRITE_ABORT_MSG);
Suppressing the abort message. If successful, this message will be the only output.