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Use WriteClass to store the version and class information of a base class during serialization of the derived class.

void WriteClass(
   const CRuntimeClass* pClassRef 


A pointer to the CRuntimeClass structure that corresponds to the class reference requested.

WriteClass writes a reference to the CRuntimeClass for the base class to the CArchive. Use CArchive::ReadClass to retrieve the reference.

WriteClass verifies that the archived class information is compatible with your runtime class. If it is not compatible, WriteClass will throw a CArchiveException.

Your runtime class must use DECLARE_SERIAL and IMPLEMENT_SERIAL; otherwise, WriteClass will throw a CNotSupportedException.

You can use SerializeClass instead of WriteClass, which handles both reading and writing of the class reference.

CFile myFile(_T("My__test__file.dat"), 
   CFile::modeCreate | CFile::modeReadWrite);

// Create a storing archive.
CArchive arStore(&myFile, CArchive::store);

// Store the class CAge in the archive.

// Close the storing archive.

// Create a loading archive.
CArchive arLoad(&myFile, CArchive::load);

// Load a class from the archive.
CRuntimeClass* pClass = arLoad.ReadClass();
if (!pClass->IsDerivedFrom(RUNTIME_CLASS(CAge)))

Header: afx.h

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