Undocheckout (Command Line)

Visual Studio 2005

Reverts a checkout operation, voiding all changes. The command ignores files not checked out to you. For definitions of the command options, see Command Options in this Help system.

ss Undocheckout <files> [-G] [-H] [-I-] [-N] [-O] [-P<project>] [-R] [-W] [-Y] [-?]

You must have the Check Out/Check In project right to use this command.

The Undocheckout command performs a get operation when it is finished. The exception to this behavior is if you have set the Delete_Local initialization variable in the Ss.ini file, or you use the -G- form of the -G option with the command.

Cancels your checkout of the file Test.c:

ss Undocheckout TEST.C

Cancels all of your checkouts from the current project:

ss Undocheckout * -P

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