Custom Document Properties Overview
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Custom Document Properties Overview

Note Required applications

The features in this topic are available only if you have the required applications installed.

For more information, see Features Available by Product Combination.

  • One of these development environments:

    VSTO 2005


    Visual Studio Team System

  • Microsoft Office 2003

When a document is part of an Office solution, it is given two custom properties: _AssemblyLocation and _AssemblyName.

Custom Properties

  • _AssemblyName

    _AssemblyName is set as a flag that lets the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System loader know that the document has managed code extensions. The flag value of this property is an asterisk (*). For more information about the loader, see Architecture of Visual Studio Tools for Office Solutions.

  • _AssemblyLocation

    _AssemblyLocation is set to the GUID for the Runtime Storage Control. For more information about the Runtime Storage Control, see Runtime Storage Control Overview.

In Visual Studio Tools for Office, Version 2003, the properties contained the path to the main project assembly and the name of the assembly. In Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office, the properties no longer contain the path to the assembly; that information is stored in the application manifest. For more information about manifests, see Application and Deployment Manifests in Office Solutions.

You can also use these properties to attach managed code extensions to a document. For more information, see How to: Attach Managed Code Extensions to Documents.

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