Community Resources (Compact 2013)


Windows Embedded Compact has a very active world-wide community of OEMs, ISVs, MVPs, and other professionals who are using Compact to develop powerful operating systems and amazing end-user applications for small-footprint devices that need responsive real-time performance and silicon flexibility with ARM and x86. You can connect with this community to learn more about real-world solutions built with Compact.

Visit the Microsoft Windows Embedded website for a wealth of information about Windows Embedded Compact, including Community content such as the following.

The Windows Embedded Blog

The Windows Embedded team blog helps you stay current with the rapidly evolving world of intelligent systems and industry devices. Here, you’ll find a range of voices—from engineers, business leaders and more—that spotlight product information, news and other commentary on Microsoft, Windows Embedded and our ecosystem of Windows Embedded partners and enterprise customers.

Windows Embedded Events

Expand your knowledge and identify new business opportunities with intelligent systems by attending Windows Embedded events, either in person or virtually. Browse the list at the Windows Embedded Events website to find classes, demonstrations, podcasts and exhibitions.

Windows Embedded Technical References

With familiar development tools like Visual Studio, and a cohesive software stack that extends from the smallest devices at the network edge, through the application and server layers and into powerful back-end datacenters, Windows Embedded lets you build more than just the next generation of industry devices. Build smarter solutions that offer a compelling user experience built on Windows, connect to all the power of the Microsoft family of technologies and deliver intelligence to businesses. Visit the Windows Embedded Technical References website for more information.

Windows Embedded Compact Forums

Ask questions and get answers in Windows Embedded Compact forums dedicated to Windows Embedded Compact Managed Application Development, Windows Embedded Compact Native Application Development, and Windows Embedded Compact Platform Development.

At the heart of the community are Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals, some of whose best resources and sample code for Windows Embedded Compact are spotlighted here.

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Douglas Boling

Douglas Boling is a writer, trainer, and consultant specializing on Windows Mobile devices and the Windows Embedded Compact family of operating systems and the author of the highly acclaimed Programming Microsoft Windows CE from Microsoft Press.

Prabu Kumar

Prabu Kumar has experience developing Board Support Packages (BSPs), device drivers, and applications on several versions of Windows Embedded Compact. He also specializes in DirectShow camera driver and application development. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7.

Valter Minute

Valter Minute works as an independent consultant on drivers and BSP development in Italy. He is a Windows Embedded Compact and Windows Embedded Standard trainer and believes that explaining concepts to other people is the best way to ensure you understand them clearly yourself.

Mirco Vanini

Mirco Vanini is a consultant focused on developing embedded solutions using the .NET Compact Framework. He has approached mobile development using both native code and managed code.

Samuel Phung

Samuel Phung has more than 20 years’ technology experience and has been active with Windows Embedded Compact since version 3.0. Sam founded the community website in 2009.

  • The Compact 7 Getting Started Series
  • The Compact 2013 Getting Started Series
  • CEDriverWiz, a Windows Embedded Compact wizard that helps simplify the tasks needed to develop stream interface device driver for Windows Embedded Compact.
  • CEComponentWiz, a Platform Builder wizard for packaging a device driver, software library, or a complete application into a Compact 2013 component that will be visible in the Compact 2013 catalog, simplifying the process of including these software components in one or more OS designs.

Christopher Tacke

Christopher Tacke is an industry-recognized expert in architecting cross-platform, end-to-end solutions that transform embedded device data into enterprise-level information. Chris is one of a handful of Compact Framework experts that truly understands how managed code and embedded systems can successfully work together to efficiently and rapidly solve real-world problems.

Michel Verhagen

Michel Verhagen has been a Windows Embedded Compact consultant since 2000, specializing in building complex Compact platforms and device drivers for industrial appliances for customers around the world, with ever version of Windows Embedded Compact since Windows CE 3.0. He has extensive experience developing audio, video (out & in), USB, and display drivers. Recently he has been working with the .NET MicroFramework porting kit. Besides his own blog, Michel is very active in Microsoft newsgroups dealing with Compact-related questions from the community.