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sys.sp_xtp_control_proc_exec_stats (Transact-SQL)

Enables statistics collection for natively compiled stored procedures for the instance.

To enable statistics collection at the query level for natively compiled stored procedures, see sys.sp_xtp_control_query_exec_stats (Transact-SQL).

Applies to: SQL Server (SQL Server 2014 through current version).

sp_xtp_control_proc_exec_stats [ [ @new_collection_value = ] collection_value ], [ @old_collection_value]

@new_collection_value = value

Determines whether procedure-level statistics collection is on (1) or off (0).

@new_collection_value is set to zero when SQL Server or the database starts.

@old_collection_value = value

Returns the current status.

0 for success. Nonzero for failure.

Requires membership in the fixed sysadmin role.

To set @new_collection_value and query for the value of @new_collection_value:

exec [sys].[sp_xtp_control_proc_exec_stats] @new_collection_value = 1
declare @c bit
exec sp_xtp_control_proc_exec_stats @old_collection_value=@c output
select @c as 'collection status'

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