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API Reference - Ad SDK Windows 8.1

Microsoft Advertising Services

Published: April 1, 2014

This section of the SDK provides information about the namespaces used when developing Windows 8.1 apps with ads.



Microsoft.Advertising.WinRT.UI Namespace

Contains API reference topics for the AdControl.

MicrosoftAdvertising Namespace

Contains the ErrorCode enumeration.

Support and Feedback

Get product support or report a bug in the advertising SDK by visiting the Windows Store Apps developer support page support page. For product support, under "App development" click the "Advertising SDK" link. To post a question in the support forum, scroll down to "Find answers online" and click "Ads-in-Apps for Windows 8 forum".

Send feedback about this documentation to adsfdbk@microsoft.com. There is no product support through this alias. Documentation feedback only.

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