Atlas Action Management API

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The Atlas Action Management service provides operations that let you retrieve actions that are owned by the advertiser. Applications that create cost packages that use the cost-per-action (CPA) cost method would use this service.

The following shows the basic workflow of how to use this service to get the action IDs used to create cost packages that specify the cost-per-action (CPA) cost method.

  • To get a list of actions that the advertiser owns, call the GetActionTagListByAdvertiserId operation.

  • The operations return a list of Identifier objects. Each object identifies an action and its description.

  • To get the actions associated with the list of IDs in the Identifier objects, call the GetActionTagsByIds operation.

  • The GetActionTagsByIds returns a list of ActionTag objects. The ActionTag object contains information about the action, such as the action GUID, HTML code, and conversion attributes.

  • Instantiate a CostPackage object and set the ActionId element to the GUID in the ActionTag’s ActionGuid element. Set the other elements as appropriate.

  • To create the cost package, call the CreateCostPackages operation.

The documentation is divided into the following main sections.



Release Notes

Provides information about version 1 of the Action Management service.

Service Address

Provides the address for the Action Management service.


Describes the concepts related to the Action Management service.

API Reference

Provides reference topics for the programming elements that are exposed through the Action Management service.

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