UI Support Classes
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UI Support Classes 

The following classes provide general UI support:

  • IDocHostUIHandlerDispatch   An interface to the Microsoft HTML parsing and rendering engine.

  • IOleObjectImpl   Provides the principal methods through which a container communicates with a control. Manages the activation and deactivation of in-place controls.

  • IOleInPlaceObjectWindowlessImpl   Manages the reactivation of in-place controls. Enables a windowless control to receive messages, as well as to participate in drag-and-drop operations.

  • IOleInPlaceActiveObjectImpl   Assists communication between an in-place control and its container.

  • IViewObjectExImpl   Enables a control to display itself directly and to notify the container of changes in its display. Provides support for flicker-free drawing, non-rectangular and transparent controls, and hit testing.

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