Attachment control and field reference


Updated: July 15, 2016

You add files to work items from the Attachments tab on the work item form. For example, you can attach an email thread, a document, an image, a log file, or another type of file to any work item. This topic describes the controls and the data field that are associated with file attachments.

For more information about how to add attachments, see Create or Delete a File Attachment in a Work Item.

The Attachments tab is located in the lower half of most work item forms provided with the default process templates for Team Foundation Server, as the following illustration shows:

Attach files to a work item

You must choose or attach a file before the buttons to open an attachment (Open Attachment), save a copy (Save Save Copy), and delete an attachment (Delete Item) become available.

The field in the following table does not appear on any work item form, but this information is tracked for each work item when you attach a file to it. You can use this field to filter queries and create reports. For information about data types and default field values, see Define and modify work item fields.

Field name


Reference name

Data type

Default value of the reportable type attribute

Default value of the index attribute

Attached File Count

The number of files attached to the work item and stored in the work item tracking database.