Retrieving Metadata for Oracle E-Business Suite Operations in Visual Studio

The Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite provides three Visual Studio components that you can use to help you develop solutions using the adapter:

  • Consume Adapter Service BizTalk Project Add-in

  • Add Adapter Metadata Wizard

  • Add Adapter Service Reference Visual Studio Plug-in

Adapter clients must use these components to connect to Oracle E-Business Suite, and then generate metadata for the operations they want to perform. All these Visual Studio components simplify development by:

  • Providing a Microsoft Windows interface through which you can browse and search for operations that you want to use in your solution.

  • Retrieving metadata exposed by the adapter for these target operations.

  • Converting that metadata, which is expressed as a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document by the adapter, into a form that you can use in your solution (XSD message schemas for BizTalk projects or a .NET object representation of a service contract for the WCF service model) and adding it to your project.

This section provides instructions about how to use the Consume Adapter Service Add-in, the Add Adapter Metadata Wizard, and the Add Adapter Service Reference Plug-in.

If you have created a solution using the adapter on a particular version of Oracle E-Business Suite, and now want to deploy the solution on a different version of Oracle E-Business Suite then you should test the solution before deploying it. You might face issues while deploying the solution on a different version of Oracle E-Business Suite because the metadata of the underlying artifact might be different. To resolve this issue, you should regenerate the metadata using the adapter on the same version of Oracle E-Business Suite on which you intend to deploy the solution.