Operations on Functions and Procedures with RECORD Types

Oracle RECORD types are used to represent hierarchical information in parameters passed to PL/SQL functions and procedures. The Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Oracle Database surfaces RECORD types as complex XML types. The Oracle Database adapter supports the following kinds of RECORD types:

  • RECORD types that are declared as TABLE%ROWTYPE parameters in stored procedures and functions.

  • RECORD types that are declared as TYPE of RECORD parameters in PL/SQL packages for example, TYPE rec_type1 IS RECORD(name varchar2(100), age number(3));

  • RECORD types that contain nested records.

  • RECORD types that appear as IN, OUT, or IN OUT parameters to procedures or functions.

  • RECORD types that are RETURN values of functions.

    The Oracle Database adapter does not support BFILE types as RECORD members.

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