How to Use Document Explorer

Commerce Server 2009

The Commerce Server 2009 Help system uses HTML to format and display information. Commerce Server 2009 uses Microsoft Document Explorer to access and display both local and online Help.


Microsoft Document Explorer has its own Help documentation. To access Document Explorer Help, open the Commerce Server 2009 Help system, click the Help menu, and then click Help on Help. To access Document Explorer Help from MSDN, perform a search of "Help on Help".

Document Explorer provides a table of contents, index, full-text search, and Help favorites for bookmarking topics so that you can easily find information. When you browse the table of contents or use the index, you access the local Help that was installed with Commerce Server 2009. When you use the full-text search feature, you have the option of searching local and online content. Using Document Explorer, you can see the table of contents or search results while you are viewing a Help topic. The Help Favorites tab lets you quickly display topics and searches that you refer to frequently.


We recommend that you search online content in addition to local content. Online content is updated periodically and contains the latest information about concepts, procedures, and troubleshooting.

To learn more about Commerce Server, you can use the Contents window to browse through Help. When you click a topic in the Contents window, information is displayed in the Topic window of the Help window.

For information about how to use the features that are available in Document Explorer, see the following tasks.

To browse the contents and display a topic

  1. To browse the table of contents, click the Contents tab. Double-click the section icons to reveal topic entries and sub-sections. To expand the table of contents and view topics within a section, click the expand indicator (+) next to a section title. Sections open to reveal sub-sections and topics. When you click the collapse indicator (-), the topics are hidden.

  2. Click a table of contents entry to display the corresponding topic.

To find a topic using the Index

  • To locate a topic using the index, click the Index tab. In the Look for box, type the keyword to search for, and press ENTER to display the topic that corresponds to the keyword or to display the Index Results list if multiple topics use the same keyword.


  • Select a word from the list of available terms, and then either press ENTER or double-click the term to view the corresponding topic.

To search for a topic

  1. To locate every occurrence of a word or phrase, click the Search tab, type the word or phrase you want to search for, and then click Search. To make your search results more specific, you can combine multiple words or phrases with the logical operators AND, OR, NEAR, or NOT.

  2. Double-click a search results entry to display the corresponding topic.

    For more information about how to search for a topic, see How to Search for a Help Topic.

To bookmark a topic and use Help Favorites

  1. To bookmark a topic, use the Contents or Search tab to locate and then display a topic.

  2. Click the Help Favorites tab, and then click the Add to Help Favorites icon to save the topic title to the Help Topics list.

  3. Double-click a bookmark in the Help Topics list to display the topic quickly.

To sync a topic with the table of contents

  • When you view a topic that you opened from an Index entry or Search Results list, click the Sync with Table of Contents icon to locate the topic in the table of contents.