Building the Internal Development and Test Environment

Commerce Server 2009

This section provides procedures for building the servers in the internal environment. The internal environment contains a test Web server that runs the Business Management applications, a test database server, and an internal domain controller. The internal environment is useful for developing and testing site updates without disrupting the run-time site and services. This tier should not be used for business management or development.

Follow these steps when you build a test tier:

  1. Set up your network switch, load balancer, and firewalls.

  2. Install Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 on each server.

  3. Configure the domain controller. See Configuring a Domain Controller.

  4. Configure the test SQL Server. See Configuring the Internal Database Server.

  5. Configure the Development/Test Web server. To configure this server, see Configuring the Business Management Server.