Zune Button Mapping

Describes how various Zune buttons map to the buttons on a standard Xbox 360 gamepad.


For input, the Zune device has two buttons and either a device control pad (version 1.0) or a Zune Pad (version 2.0). These inputs map to controller input, retrieved with the GamePad.GetState method.

Back and Play/Pause Buttons

The Back button maps to GamePadState.Buttons.Back, and the Play/pause button maps to GamePadState.Buttons.B.


Device Control Pad (version 1.0)

The control pad provides input for presses (or 'clicks') on the pad.

Directional presses on the control pad map to the GamePadState.DPad directions: up, down, left, and right, or to a combination of two of those directions. Pressing straight down in the middle of the control pad maps to GamePadState.Buttons.A.


Zune Pad

In addition to the behavior described in the previous sections, touch or motion over the Zune Pad is also reported as left thumbstick position in the GamePadState.ThumbSticks.Left property. Finally, clicking anywhere on the Zune Pad maps to GamePadState.Buttons.LeftShoulder.


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