BizTalk Server 2006 Developer Guide for OAGIS

To download a copy of this document, go to BizTalk Server 2006 Developer Guide for OAGIS.

The Open Application Group Inc. (OAGi) is a non-profit organization, with the goal of developing and promoting business process interoperability for both application-to-application and business-to-business processes. The primary standard produced by OAGi is the Open Application Group Integration Specification (OAGIS®) which is a royalty-free, extensible and technology neutral XML standard.

Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2006 provides an efficient and effective way to integrate systems and businesses through manageable business processes, enabling them to automate and orchestrate interactions in a highly flexible and highly automated manner.

BizTalk Server 2006 can leverage OAGIS schemas within BizTalk Server processes, maintaining data in a consistent and open format while taking advantage of BizTalk Server’s development and processing features. Unless required by a specific process or partner, the data can remain in OAGIS format for the entire processing lifecycle. If there is a need to provide data in a non-OAGIS format for a specific partner or process, translation is as simple as applying a transformation to a specific endpoint. All internal processing or transactions with other endpoints can remain as OAGIS.