Operations on Blobs


Updated: June 29, 2016

Microsoft Azure Storage provides REST operations for working with blobs in the Blob service.

This section contains reference information for operations on block blobs, append blobs and page blobs.

Put Blob

Creates a new blob or replaces an existing blob within a container.

Get Blob

Reads or download a blob from the Blob service, including its user-defined metadata and system properties.

Get Blob Properties

Returns all user-defined metadata, standard HTTP properties, and system properties for the blob.

Set Blob Properties

Sets values for system properties defined for a blob.

Get Blob Metadata

Returns all user-defined metadata for the specified blob.

Set Blob Metadata

Sets user-defined metadata for the specified blob as one or more name-value pairs.

Lease Blob

Establishes and manages a lock on write and delete operations. To delete or write to a locked blob, a client must provide the lease ID.

Snapshot Blob

Creates a snapshot of a blob.

Copy Blob

Copies a blob to a destination within the storage account.

Abort Copy Blob

Aborts a pending Copy Blob operation, and leaves a destination blob with zero length and full metadata.

Delete Blob

Marks the specified blob for deletion.

Put Block

Creates a new block to be committed as part of a block blob.

Put Block List

Commits a block blob by specifying the set of block IDs that comprise the blob.

Get Block List

Retrieves the list of blocks that have been uploaded as part of a block blob.

Put Page

Writes a range of pages into a page blob.

Get Page Ranges

Returns a list of valid page ranges for a page blob or a snapshot of a page blob.

Append Block

Writes a range of pages into a page blob.