This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Append_EOL Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Specifies Yes if all text files must end with an end-of-line character, and No (default) if an end-of-line character is not required for text files. Setting this variable to Yes makes Visual SourceSafe append an end-of-line character when it retrieves a text file that does not already end with such a character.

Append_EOL = {Yes|No}

Some compilers require that all the files they compile end in an end-of-line character. If you are working in such an environment, you must set this variable to Yes.

You can set this variable in your Ss.ini file directly or in Visual SourceSafe Explorer. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, use the SourceSafe Options dialog box, Local Files tab. Select the Append end-of-line to all text files check box to set this variable to Yes.

Append_EOL only works for ANSI-encoded files. It does not work for Unicode text files.

The following example tells Visual SourceSafe not to append an end-of-line character to text files:

Append_EOL = No