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Hides one or more active user-defined menu bars.

HIDE MENU MenuBarName1 [, MenuBarName2 ...] | ALL [SAVE]


MenuBarName1 [, MenuBarName2 ...]

Specifies the name of the menu bar or a list of menu bars (separated by commas) to hide.


Hides all defined menu bars.


Places an image of a menu bar on the screen or in a window. Placing an image of a menu bar on the screen is useful during program development and testing. Menu bar images can be cleared from the main Visual FoxPro window or a user-defined window with CLEAR.

HIDE MENU removes the specified menu bar, a set of menu bars, or all menu bars from the main Visual FoxPro window or from a user-defined window without removing the menu definition from memory. Before a menu bar can be hidden, it must first be created with DEFINE MENU. Hiding a menu bar isn't the same as deactivating it. When a menu bar is hidden, it stays resident in memory and can be displayed in the main Visual FoxPro window or in a user-defined window with ACTIVATE MENU or SHOW MENU.

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