This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CSimpleDialog Class

This class implements a basic modal dialog box.

template < 
   WORD t_wDlgTemplateID, 
   BOOL t_bCenter = TRUE 
class CSimpleDialog : 
   public CDialogImplBase


The resource ID of the dialog template resource.


TRUE if the dialog object is to be centered on the owner window; otherwise FALSE.

Implements a modal dialog box with basic functionality. CSimpleDialog provides support for Windows common controls only. To create and display a modal dialog box, create an instance of this class, providing the name of an existing resource template for the dialog box. The dialog box object closes when the user clicks any control with a pre-defined value (such as IDOK or IDCANCEL).

CSimpleDialog allows you to create only modal dialog boxes. CSimpleDialog provides the dialog box procedure, which uses the default message map to direct messages to the appropriate handlers.

See Implementing a Dialog Box for more information.

Header: atlwin.h