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Positions the recordset on the record corresponding to the specified record number.

void SetAbsolutePosition( 
   long nRows  



The one-based ordinal position for the current record in the recordset.

SetAbsolutePosition moves the current record pointer based on this ordinal position.


This member function is not valid on forward-only recordsets.

For ODBC recordsets, an absolute position setting of 1 refers to the first record in the recordset; a setting of 0 refers to the beginning-of-file (BOF) position.

You can also pass negative values to SetAbsolutePosition. In this case the recordset's position is evaluated from the end of the recordset. For example, SetAbsolutePosition( -1 ) moves the current record pointer to the last record in the recordset.


Absolute position is not intended to be used as a surrogate record number. Bookmarks are still the recommended way of retaining and returning to a given position, since a record's position changes when preceding records are deleted. In addition, you cannot be assured that a given record will have the same absolute position if the recordset is re-created again because the order of individual records within a recordset is not guaranteed unless it is created with a SQL statement using an ORDER BY clause.

For more information about recordset navigation and bookmarks, see the articles Recordset: Scrolling (ODBC) and Recordset: Bookmarks and Absolute Positions (ODBC).

This method can throw exceptions of type CDBException* and CMemoryException*.

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