MIDL Property Pages: General
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MIDL Property Pages: General 

The General property page in the MIDL folder specifies the following MIDL compiler options:

  • Preprocessor Definitions (/D)

  • Additional Include Directories (/I)

  • Ignore Standard Include Path (/no_def_idir)

  • MkTypLib Compatible (/mktyplib203)

  • Warning Level (/W)

  • Warn As Error (/WX)

  • Suppress Startup Banner (/nologo)

  • MIDL Char Type (/char)

  • Target Environment (/env)

  • Generate Stubless Proxies (/Oicf)

For information on how to access the General property page in the MIDL folder, see How To: Specify Project Properties with Property Pages.

For information on how to programmatically access MIDL options for C++ projects, see VCMidlTool object.

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