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Standard C++ Library Overview

All C++ library entities are declared or defined in one or more standard headers. To make use of a library entity in a program, write an include directive that names the relevant standard header. The Standard C++ Library consists of 50 required headers. This implementation also includes two additional headers, <hash_map> and <hash_set>, that are not required by the C++ Standard, for a total of 52 headers. These 52 C++ library headers (with the additional 18 Standard C headers) constitute a hosted implementation of the C++ library.

A freestanding implementation of the C++ library provides only a subset of these headers:

<cstddef> <cstdlib> (declaring at least the functions abort, atexit, and exit)
<exception> <limits>
<new> <cstdarg>

The C++ library headers have two broader subdivisions:

This section contains the following sections:

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