Actions Pane Help Label Sample
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Actions Pane Help Label Sample

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  • Microsoft Office 2003

This sample includes a control that provides dynamic, context sensitive help on an actions pane for a document that contains XML-mapped regions. The control automatically associates itself with the XML schema and uses schema annotations as the help text. When a user places the insertion point in a region containing a given XML node, the control displays the associated region name and annotation text. The developer can use the control’s properties to indicate what happens when a given region does not have annotation text.

The control has four properties that you can set to determine what the control displays if there is no annotation text. These properties appear in the Properties window, in a section called Content.


Specifies whether the control should display the annotation text of the closest ancestor region if one is not specified in the selected region.


Determines whether the element type or element name annotation is displayed.


The text the control displays if there is no annotation.


Toggles whether the name of the region appears in the Help Label control.

There is one solution with three projects in the Help Label sample: a control library project, a Microsoft Office Word 2003 Application project, and a Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Application project. The Word and Excel projects demonstrate the control in use. As you click in different areas of the document or worksheet, the Help Label displays text taken from the associated XML schema region.

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  • Press F5.


This sample demonstrates how to create a user control and incorporate it into a project, and how to respond to events within XML-mapped regions.

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