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The Reporting application programming interface (API) enables users to create applications that can do the following:

  • Submit requests for reports.

    • Agency administrators and agency users can submit requests for reports that contain internal publisher or web media data.

    • Publisher administrators, publisher users, and agency administrators who are enrolled in the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Impression Exchange program can submit requests for impression exchange reports. Impression exchange reports contain data that is valuable to external publishers. For more information about the Impression Exchange program, see the following blog post: Atlas Implements the IAB Impression Exchange.

  • Check the status of a report request.

  • Retrieve the download URL for a completed report.

  • Determine the current reporting statistics certification date.

The following table describes the main sections of this software development kit (SDK).



Release Notes

Provides information about the current release of the Reporting API.

Getting Access

Provides information about getting access to the Reporting API.

Web Service Address

Provides the web service address (URL) for the current version of the Reporting API.


Describes the concepts that are related to the Reporting API.

Developing with the API

Provides conceptual and procedural information for developing applications by using the Reporting API.

API Reference

Provides reference topics for the programming elements exposed through the Reporting API.

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