Windows Embedded NavReady 2009

Windows CE 5.0 Not SupportedWindows Embedded NavReady 2009 Supported

Windows Embedded NavReady provides you with a set of operating-system (OS) features that you can integrate into a portable navigation device (PND).

Welcome to Windows Embedded NavReady 2009

Provides an introduction to Windows Embedded NavReady, together with an overview of the Windows Embedded NavReady architecture.

Features in Windows Embedded NavReady 2009

Provides conceptual and API reference information, together with how-to topics for scenarios related to implementing the features that are included in Windows Embedded NavReady.

Search the Windows Embedded NavReady 2009 Documentation

Provides a link to a custom Search page for searching both the Windows Embedded NavReady documentation and the supporting Windows CE 5.0 documentation.

Links to Windows CE 5.0 Content

Provides links to content that contains detailed information and instructions on how to design, build, customize, debug, and test a Windows Embedded CE run-time image.

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