Moving Non-BAM Databases

Moving Non-BAM Databases

In certain scenarios (such as a database hardware upgrade) you may want to move the BizTalk Server databases without first configuring BizTalk Server log shipping. This section describes how to move the BizTalk Server databases that are not BAM related.

  1. Complete steps 1 through 5 of "How to Move the MessageBox Database" in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 R2 Help at with the following exceptions:

    • In step 4, substitute <databasename> for the MessageBox database, where <databasename> is the name of the database (or databases) that you are moving.

    • Complete step 6 if you are moving the MessageBox database only.

  2. Edit the SampleUpdateInfo.xml file as described in steps 17 through 23 of the "To configure the destination system for log shipping (SQL Server 2000)" section of the topic How to Configure the Destination System.

  3. Complete steps to update the databases and the registry on the destination server as follows:

This section also contains topics that describe procedures that must be followed after moving particular BizTalk Server databases. Complete the steps in these topics as appropriate for your environment.

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