Angle Bracket Placement
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Angle Bracket Placement

The first opening bracket after a template name is interpreted as part of the template's argument list, not as a greater-than operator. The first > after the opening angle bracket is interpreted as the end of the template's argument list, unless it is enclosed in parentheses, is part of a nested template, or is part of a template-style cast expression such as static_cast<int>.

Bad placement of angle brackets (<>) causes many template syntax errors. Make sure that you use proper spacing and parentheses to distinguish angle brackets from operators such as >, >> and ->. For example:

TempClass< float, a > b ? a : b > test1;

should be rewritten as:

TempClass< float, (a > b ? a : b) > test1;

Similarly, pay extra attention when using macros that use angle brackets as template arguments.

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