This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MFC Smart Device Application Wizard 

The MFC Smart Device Application Wizard generates an application having built-in functionality that, when compiled, implements the basic features of a Windows CE executable (.exe) application.


The Overview page of the MFC Smart Device Application Wizard describes the current application settings for the MFC smart device application you are creating. By default, the wizard creates the project as follows:

  • The default target platform for the project is the first platform in the platforms list. In a default installation, the default platform is Pocket PC 2003, but installing and uninstalling Windows CE 5.0 SDKs may change the default target for new applications or add new targets such as Smartphone 2003.

Application Type
Document Template Strings
User Interface Features
  • The project implements a command bar.

Advanced Features
  • The project supports no advanced features.

Generated Classes

After creating your new project, if the compiler issues a warning on defining _CE_ALLOW_SINGLE_THREADED_OBJECTS_IN_MTA, you have to define this flag in your main header file.


This is the case especially for scenarios such as creating COM objects on Windows Mobile platforms, consuming web services in Windows Mobile, and ATL COM objects.

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