This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ATL Server Tasks 

This section provides instructions for common tasks that you may wish to perform in your ATL Server Web applications.

In This Section

Adding a Replacement Method

Explains how to add a replacement method using the HTML designer or by hand.

Choosing a Return Value for a Replacement Method

Describes how to decide on the value that you return from your replacement methods.

Passing An Argument To A Replacement Method

Shows how to allow your replacement methods to accept arguments provided in the server response file.

Initializing Request Handlers

Covers the main points at which you can carry out initialization in your request handler.

Enabling Uploaded Files

Provides information on allowing files to be uploaded to your web site and read by your request handler.

Limiting the Size of a Request

Explains the different techniques for protecting your web site against large request bodies.

Enabling Page Caching

Describes how to enable, disable, and control the caching of responses generated by your request handler.

Associating SRF Files with Your ISAPI DLL by Hand

Provides detailed instructions for registering your ISAPI extension DLL with IIS.

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