This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Fundamentals of ATL COM Objects 

The following illustration depicts the relationship among the various classes and interfaces used in defining an ATL COM object.

ATL structure

ATL implements IUnknown in two phases:

Other aspects of your ATL COM object are handled by other classes:

  • CComCoClass defines the object's default class factory and aggregation model.

  • IDispatchImpl provides a default implementation of the IDispatch Interface portion of any dual interfaces on the object.

  • ISupportErrorInfoImpl implements the ISupportErrorInfo interface that ensures error information can be propagated up the call chain correctly.

Implementing CComObjectRootEx

Show example COM map entries for implementing CComObjectRootEx.

Implementing CComObject, CComAggObject, and CComPolyObject

Discusses how the DECLARE_*_AGGREGATABLE macros affect the use of CComObject, CComAggObject, and CComPolyObject.

Supporting IDispatch and IErrorInfo

Lists the ATL implementation classes to use for supporting the IDispatch and IErrorInfo interfaces.

Supporting IDispEventImpl

Discusses the steps to implement a connection point for your class.

Changing the Default Class Factory and Aggregation Model

Show what macros to use to change the default class factory and aggregation model.

Creating an Aggregated Object

Lists the steps for creating an aggregated object.

Creating an ATL Project

Provides information about creating an ATL COM object.


Provides links to conceptual topics on how to program using the Active Template Library.

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