This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Determines whether Visual FoxPro carries data forward from the current record to a new record created with INSERT, APPEND, and BROWSE.




Brings data from all fields in all work areas forward from the current record to a new record.


(Default) Prevents data from all fields from being passed to a new record.

TO [ FieldList[ADDITIVE]]

FieldList specifies the fields from which data is carried forward. Separate the field names with commas.

ADDITIVE specifies that the fields in the field list be added to the current set of fields being carried forward.

Issuing SET CARRY TO implicitly performs SET CARRY ON.

Use SET CARRY TO without FieldList to restore the default setting (all fields are carried forward).

Use SET CARRY to enable data to be carried forward from the current record to a new record or to prevent data from being carried forward. Fields that generally remain unchanged during an editing session can be brought forward for each new record. For example, a field containing the current date can be brought forward for each new record so a new date doesn't have to be entered again. Note that the contents of Memo and General type fields are not carried forward.

Modifying the structure of a table with an active SET CARRY TO <fieldlist> calls an implicit SET CARRY TO. This results in the field list containing all of the fields in the table. If you modify the structure of a table, you must reissue the SET CARRY TO <fieldlist> to reset the field list.

SET CARRY affects only the table open in the currently selected work area.

SET CARRY is scoped to the current data session.