This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Share (Command Line)

Visual Studio 2005

Makes the specified item part of the current project. When you specify a project to share, this command creates an entirely new project that is an exact duplicate of the specified project, under the current project. For definitions of the command options, see Command Options in this Help system.

ss Share <item> [-E] [-G] [-H] [-I-] [-N] [-O] [-P] [-R] [-V] [-W] [-Y] [-?]

To use this command, you must have the Check Out/Check In project right in the project from which you are sharing items. You must have the Add/Rename/Delete project right in the project to which you are sharing.

To share a file using the command line, first use the CP command to set the path to the current project. Then run the Share command, specifying the existing file(s) that you want to share with the current project.

If you use the -E option, a shared file becomes a member of your current project, but it is branched. Changes made in this file do not propagate to the corresponding file in the originating project, and vice versa.

The -V option allows you to share a specific version of a file or project. For sharing of files, note that the -V option is supported, but is not recommended. Instead, use the Pin command with the -V option.

Makes $/WORD/Test.c a member of the current project:

ss Share $/WORD/TEST.C

Creates a branch from the project $/WORD:

ss Share $/WORD -R -E