This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Programming for Devices Using the .NET Compact Framework 

This section provides information on developing smart device applications using the Visual Basic or C# language and the .NET Compact Framework.

In This Section

What's New in Managed Device Projects

Lists important changes since Visual Basic .NET 2003.

Differences from Desktop in .NET Compact Framework Development

Describes differences from developing desktop applications.

Variations in .NET Compact Framework Versions

Describes the several releases of the .NET Compact Framework, including service packs.

Differences Between Pocket PC 2003 and Smartphone 2003 Controls

Presents a table showing which controls are supported for Pocket PC 2003 development and which are supported for Smartphone 2003 development.

Controls and Components in Managed Device Projects

Describes additional controls and components available for device development.

Custom and User Controls in Device Projects

Describes the functionality available for device projects.

COM Interoperability for Devices

Describes how to create COM Interop assemblies in a managed device project.

Creating and Developing Managed Device Projects

Provides step-by-step instructions for common device development tasks.

Data in Managed Device Projects

Describes how to manage data for devices in Visual Studio 2005.

Walkthrough: Creating a Simple Application

Provides step-by-step instructions on creating a simple Visual Basic or Visual C# device project.

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