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Renames a class definition contained in a .VCX visual class library.

RENAME CLASS ClassName1 OF ClassLibraryName TO ClassName2



Specifies the name of the class definition that is renamed.

OF ClassLibraryName

Specifies the name of the .vcx visual class library containing the class definition to rename. If you don't specify a file extension in ClassLibraryName, Visual FoxPro automatically assigns a .vcx extension.

TO ClassName2

Specifies the new name of the class definition.

Visual FoxPro does not update other class definitions within the visual class library that reference the renamed class definition — be careful when renaming class definitions.

The following example uses CREATE CLASSLIB to create a visual class library named myclslib. A class named myform based on the Visual FoxPro Form base class is created with CREATE CLASS and is stored in the myclslib visual class library. RENAME CLASS is used to change the class name from myform to yourform.

CREATE CLASSLIB myclslib     && Creates a new .VCX visual class library
CREATE CLASS myform OF myclslib AS "Form"  && Creates new class 
RENAME CLASS myform OF myclslib TO yourform  && Change class name

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