This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Reads object data from the archive and constructs an object of the appropriate type.

CObject* ReadObject(
   const CRuntimeClass* pClass 



A constant pointer to the CRuntimeClass structure that corresponds to the object you expect to read.

A CObject pointer that must be safely cast to the correct derived class by using CObject::IsKindOf.

This function is normally called by the CArchive extraction (>>) operator overloaded for a CObject pointer. ReadObject, in turn, calls the Serialize function of the archived class.

If you supply a nonzero pClass parameter, which is obtained by the RUNTIME_CLASS macro, then the function verifies the run-time class of the archived object. This assumes you have used the IMPLEMENT_SERIAL macro in the implementation of the class.

See the example for CArchive::WriteObject.

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